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people report insufficient sleep4

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At this difficult time, with huge changes in work practices supporting the management of sleep and fatigue can be fundamental to keeping your people physically and mentally strong.

Our expert team have curated the best available sleep and fatigue research, making it practical, engaging, and accessible for all your employees across the spectrum of your workforce.

Our tech team have also made the implementation of your solutions, simple and seamless with your own personalised HR Admin and reporting dashboard.

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estimated productivity loss per employee as result of inadequate sleep and sleep disorders1

employees report making errors at work due to sleepiness or sleep issues4

-$17.9 billion
annual cost of lost productivity due to sleep disorders1

Will miss at least a day of work each month due to sleep related issue1

Of all work injuries are attributed to poor sleep3

1 in 5 people

1 in 5

general population have insomnia


will have sleep

Those with a history of
insomnia have 4x higher risk
for a new onset of depression.

Those with moderate to severe sleep apnoea have 2.6x higher risk of developing depression

Workers with fatigue are 70% more likely to have an accident.

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Whether this is the first time you have addressed sleep as an issue, or you are building on previous work, we have a campaign that suits your timing and budget. Click onto our self serve website and your campaign can be up and running almost immediately. We have made it that easy.

Sleepfit 101

Great first step for organisations to support sleep at a general level.

7 day campaign

Start the conversation with this delightful bite sized campaign to give your people sleep strategies they can use immediately.

Sleepfit Gold

4 week campaign

Take a deeper dive and help employees understand more about their personal issues with a customised report

This fantastic digital multi-modal campaign includes a personalised survey and a range of excellent resources to help employees understand the key factors affecting their personal sleep issues. High value for them and your WHS team

Sleepfit Platinum

12 month journey

Extend support beyond your 4 week campaign by giving your employees year round access to the App.

Take your sleep support system to the next level by giving employees 12-month access to the interactive Sleepfit app which will allow them to make long term changes to their sleep behaviours.

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Sleep was a major issue before, but it's now critical as it is one of the first things affected by stress...

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